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Web Application creates a web application built with Razor pages, which is a simpler development paradigm that isn’t covered in this book. Web API creates an ASP.NET Core project that contains the dependencies and the skeleton on which to build a REST web application. As with previous version of the framework, you create a new ASP.NET Core application using the command menuFileNewProjectand then choosing ASP.NET Core Web Application from the .NET Core group of projects. In order to try it out, just open the command prompt, create a new folder, move into this .net razor developer folder, and typedotnet new console. This command creates the skeleton of a new .NET Core console application (Listing 1‐1), made of aProgram.cscode file and the.csprojproject definition file, named as the folder in which the command was launched. The ASP.NET team realized that there was only one way to solve all the remaining problems and at the same time make web development on .NET possible outside of Visual Studio and on other platforms. They re‐wrote ASP.NET from the ground up and created a new cross‐platform .NET runtime that later came to be .NET Core.

The configuration of the container is done inside theConfigureServicesmethod of theStartupclass. The actual container is theIServiceCollectionvariable that is passed to the method as a parameter namedservices.

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It resembles a primitive in-memory database that defines SQL constructs such as tables, columns, relationships, rows and views. By caching the data, server hits can be reduced, improving server scalability and rich client UI responsiveness. DataSet objects are serializable and can be passed over the network between client and server applications.

Blazor MVC Revives Old Tech for Modern, Red-Hot Web-Dev Framework – Visual Studio Magazine

Blazor MVC Revives Old Tech for Modern, Red-Hot Web-Dev Framework.

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Tutorials about these topics are available in Microsoft’s technical documentation. Information can also be found on special IT-resources for developers. There are a lot of forums of dev communities, where you can ask technical questions and more experienced Xamarin developers will clarify them. That’s why Xamarin can be a good option for the software engineer.

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For the horizontal scaling, monolithic application is usually duplicated entirely on several servers or virtual machines. To the advantages of Cloud belong simplified application development and proven security. Knowledge about how Azure works will help to become a skilled net developer. Consuming cloud services from applications – Existing applications can include Azure Services to extend the capabilities. For instance, this may include but is not limited to Azure Cognitive Search , Azure Key Vault etc. Additional services are 100% managed by Azure, so they can be effortlessly added to the app.

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The @ symbol is the heart of the Razor syntax, the character that Razor uses to differentiate code from markup. The @ symbol marks a point at which the developer intends to switch from markup to code.