WOW, how do you all like our new website? It is totally awesome isn’t it? A big thank you to Roger Barkley, JR for a job well done.

Well, we promised we would not be so late getting our news out, but “Sorry!” It has been busy and we have seen so many great and wonderful things happening. I promise, we won’t write you a book, but will keep it short and sweet.

From March to now we have been to TX, through VA, WV, PA, NY, Al now back into FL. We have seen many souls give their lives to Christ along this journey and that is what it’s all about.

In May of this year, I was notified that the song off my Heart Collector Project, written by my producer, Shane Roark had gone up for song of the year, nationwide with The Artist Music Guild and also the Album had gone up for Album of the Year, as well as I had gone up for Soloist of the Year. This is a great honor and the glory goes to the wonderful father above.

As as continue on the journey, I wish to thank all of you for your prayers, love and support. Also please continue to pray that lives will be changed.

My latest single out to radio is “Bump In The Road,” on the Chapel Valley Comp Disc.”

I am so thrilled that I Stopped Singing the Blues has hit the charts and is doing good.

Pray for protection on the road and come out and support us every chance you get.

Remember, Jesus loves you and so do we.

Ron, Trish and Joseph

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