Fine, outstanding soloist, great vocals, with an unsurprised devotion to the ministry. We at Church House Music are proud to be a part of Ron’s Ministry and for Ron to be a part of Church House Music. We are excited to see all the lord has in store for Ron’s ministry. We would highly recommend him to pastors, concert promoters, minister’s of music and all other venues.
The Roarks – Church House Music/Chapel Valley Studio

The first time I heard brother Ron sing I knew from the first note that this guy had that little something in his voice that makes him special. I was blessed and touched by his voice. I hope we can sing on the same program again in the future.

– McCray Dove – The Dove Brothers

A talented singer, songwriter and musician, I have had the pleasure of Ron Brewer ministering in my church numerous times. He is always Professional and presents the love of Christ in every aspect of his ministry. I would highly recommend him to any church, promoter or venue.
– Wayne Hester, The Field Church, Ashland, AL

I have known Ron Brewer for many years and can say that Ron is what he sings. He is Professional, but he also loves the one he sings about. I love having him in my church and would recommend him to any church, pastor, or promoter.
– Ottis Graves, Westend Church of God, Sylacauga, AL

I have had the pleasure of having Ron sing in my church, the songs Ron sings not only fit his voice, but they come from his heart, I would recommend him to anyone.
– Randy Crowder, Minister of Music, Church Of God of Prophecy, Paris, TN

We were truly blessed to have you with us at Spartanburg First Church of the Nazarene. You really blessed us! We look forward to having you back with us soon. I would highly recommend you to any pastor, concert promoter or minister of music. You are a seasoned singer and Professional in every aspect of your ministry.
– Love, Kim Haynes Youth Pastor, Spartanburg, SC

I would to thank you for ministry.  We were blessed by your singing and your love for Christ.  Keep up the good work. I would recommend you to any pastor, church, or promoter. You are a divine inspiration.

I am priveledged to have known Ron for most of his life. His life prortrays what he lives both off stage, as well as on stage. His songs come from the heart, as he sings of the love of Jesus Christ. He is a very talented young man, living to serve God, singing to see souls come to Christ and loving to bring joy to those around him. I would recommend him to any church, pastor, minister of music or promoter.

R.B. Hulsey
Pastor – Friendly Baptist Church
Cedartown, GA

Ron has been coming to my church for over five years. During this time, we have seen countless give their hearts to Christ and many miracles. I have  used him for revivals, to conduct the special music. Ron is genuine. He doesn’t put on air’s. He’s real. That is what I love about him. I would recommend him to any pastor, church, campmeeting or venue.

James Peacock
Old Country Church

Some seek to glorify themselves, others seek for self esteem, but Ron Brewer, seeks to glorify God. Throughout the years that I have used him in my church, I have been blessed by his wonderful music and testimony and continue to thank God for him and his family. I recommend him to all pastors, ministers of music, promoters, youth pastors or campmeetings. He will bless you with his divine love for God.

A. Castro
Open Door Bible Church
Naples, FL