Software Development Life Cycle SDLC Phases and Models

The team has tested the code and made sure it complies with all the initial specifications. It begins at the time of the decision to create software and ends when developers stop providing software support services. Thetestingphase, also known as the troubleshooting phase, serves as the “spell checker” to make sure the product designed is indeed the desired product. Often done by our quality control team, they run the programs across different servers that ensure the software has been tried and tested as well as meets the client’s demands.

phases of software development life cycle

IT is also responsible for correcting any future errors or issues that may arise. No system is perfect and ongoing maintenance is a necessary part of any new system or software project. The final phase of the SDLC involves regular maintenance and pushing out mandated updates. Here end-users have the ability to fine-tune the system to better suit future needs. Because of the risk of interrupting business operations during the install, this phase will usually occur during non-peak hours.

Phases of Software Development Life Cycle

However, Agile software development fulfills these demands through an iterative approach to technology design and development. The Agile methodology gives structure to an otherwise fluid and flexible technique of getting a working product out of the door. That’s the critical stage of the lifecycle of software development because the product is finally ready.

phases of software development life cycle

You might not even realize when things spiral out of control and the project becomes a nightmare. Hence, it’s essential to be aware of common SDLC pitfalls and know how to avoid them. Besides, you always get an alert from continuous integration tools when there are errors. This way, you can ensure you are developing software faster without worrying about issues. Tracking changes in small projects is easy, but tracking them in a large project with millions of code is impossible.

Prototype Model

Many other SDLC models are only variations on these main steps. For software development, companies adopt LEAN manufacturing methods. Testing, verification, and validation are part of the V-shaped development process.

The last iteration deploys a product version that went through rigorous testing and meets all the requirements specified in the DDS. Software is the most-attacked part of the security perimeter, and more than half of all successful security breaches begin with an attack on an application. The maintenance phase includes debugging and updating if new risks are identified they have to be included in the system modules. In some cases, the development stage can also merge with the testing stage where certain tests are run to ensure there are no critical bugs. Business or system analysis gives a start to the project with building a project plan. At this SDLC phase, project documentation is written (functional and non-functional requirements, responsibility matrix, change management matrix, etc.).

Why is a software development process necessary?

However, all methods are aimed at moving systems through the various relevant phases. At this stage, it is the programmers’ turn to construct the application codes according to the designed specifications and completed design papers. Here, they will also use SAST tools, or static application security testing. An SDLC outlines a detailed, step-by-step plan for software development.

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Best ways to incorporate security into the software development life cycle.

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Testers test the software against the requirements to make sure that the software is solving the needs addressed and outlined during the planning phase. All tests are conducted as functional testing, including unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, and non-functional testing. To know more about the best software development practices that we use in our projects, don’t hesitate to visitour websiteor contact oursupport team. Thus you can see how the software development lifecycle template for 2023 was born.

Other types of Testing

We use Agile software development with DevOps acceleration, to improve the software delivery process and encourage reliable releases that bring exceptional end-user experience. From rapid prototyping to iterative development, we help you validate your idea and make it a reality. Now, the team will design a user interface mock-up and lay down the project architecture. The inception stage entails obtaining further feedback from stakeholders to flesh out the requirements through a diagram and identify the product’s functionality. Regular check-ins will ensure accounting for all requirements during the design phase. Software development lifecycle methodologies in which the development process looks like a flow, transferring from one stage to another, clearly in order.

The requirement analysis SDLC phase implies cooperating with all the stakeholders, including leaders, clients, and developers. All members must stay on the same page to ensure the development of relevant project specifications. Qubit Labs discusses the software development life cycle process and gives examples of how SDLC is used in practice, pointing out popular methodologies.

There are many options for businesses to choose from according to their preferences and type of the product they are working on. Though, no matter how big and complicated the project is, there is always a model that will help improve it without any unnecessary costs and efforts. DevOps (which is short for ‘development and operations’) is a set of practices designed to synchronize and optimize the work of software developers and IT operations. With this approach, both parties integrate their working routines to create and maintain the product.

  • The Agile model allows you to promptly receive up-to-date feedback from the users and adjust the development according to it.
  • As known, an integral part of software development is database development.
  • Before deciding on the one to use, you have to study your project and estimate the time it will take you to finish.
  • First, the development team uses dummy functions to build a simple model of the future product with limited features and performance.
  • It is a methodology with a clearly defined procedure used to design, analyze, develop and maintain high-quality software.

Here, we develop software in small parts and test each piece individually with users for feedback. This application development life cycle phase focuses on testing the written code for bugs and other inconsistencies. The testing and quality assurance team works to test and report the bugs to the development team. SDLC can be used to improve and measure the development process.

Explaining the Phases of the Software Development Life Cycle

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phases of software development life cycle

Then, the business analysts study the received information, elaborate it, and turn it into the software requirement specification . Just as integral a kitchen is to a restaurant, the software development phase serves as the basis for the entire operation. As the name suggests, the model divides the product into multiple stages and releases a functioning product in a short amount of time. Due to this, the consumer can view the end outcome and decide if he is happy with it or not.

Now, the teams make sure to use similar programming languages, libraries, communicate throughout the whole task. This way, many conflicts, and unnecessary duplicate work can be omitted. Deployment is a set of PowerShell scripts that helps to integrate automation into your workflow. It will be used in the target production environment by DevOps engineers or DBAs. If one phase is blocked, the development team cannot work on the next ones. Once the product has been designed, the actual code writing begins.

Software Design

The stages are interdependent of each other, implying each stage should be completed before the next one begins. This is the stage where a program will be written to create the software. If the software development is seen as a small project, it can be assigned to a single developer.

An expert like Simform helps you develop a clearly defined plan to achieve this goal. Simform offers advanced services that you can integrate into your SDLC to build products much faster. Furthermore, a project passes through four phases — planning, design, development, and evaluation — over and over in a “spiral” form until completion. Besides that, the spiral model facilitates you in building custom software and implementing user feedback right from the beginning of the development process. As a result, it becomes easier to create a more user-centric product. However, this approach has guidelines, standards, programming languages, and tools to develop cutting-edge software.

Wireframes assist software engineers in making the development process faster and meeting customer requirements more effectively. In addition, they are an excellent way to test MVP and get early feedback to reshape the product as per the client’s requirements. With 12 years in software development, Simform can take over any digital product engineering tasks you want to outsource. By the end of the first iteration or sprint, the goal is to build the product’s basic functionality. After that, later editions can include more features and modifications.

After that, the project owners outline the project scope, defining a budget, resources, deadlines, and potential risks and quality assurance requirements. Outlining the software development process is a great kick-off point in software product development. In this article, we discuss the notion of software development life cycle, its phases, and common methodologies used in it. Over history, humanity was trying to come up with a perfect software development life cycle model.


For software development, there is a specific programming language like Java, Python, C/C++, etc. The entire process of software development isn’t as simple as its definition, it’s a complicated process. Accordingly, it requires an efficient approach from the developer in the form of the Software Development Life Cycle . Net Solutions is a strategic design & build consultancy that unites creative design thinking with agile software development under one expert roof. Founded in 2000, we create award-winning transformative digital products & platforms for startups and enterprises worldwide.

Involving stakeholders at this point is important for delivering expected results. A well-organized plan and working process lead to better results. To get the most out of your project, it’s imperative that you maintain strict adherence to well-defined policies, adaptable to some conditions across all stages.