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With the XC there is some emphasis in the upper mids and lessen treble, and specifically on my pair compared to its decreased mids and upper bass. With the Mojo it appears just a little bit also substantially and I uncover the XC to seem overall slender in comparison to being performed from my other gear.

This is peculiar to me since with the marginally warmer sound of the Mojo I predicted the pairing with the XC to be a match made in heaven. Not so I’m fearful, an additional sudden change. I really don’t feel it really is a drivability concern as the XC is reasonably effortless to generate for a planar magnetic headphone.

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However, what I do listen to from the thinner, faster driver in the XC (over the Liquid crystal display-two) is an particularly thorough presentation that actually can clearly show me the smallest detail in the recoding. I ought to also observe that when making use of the Mojo as an exterior DAC to the Oppo HA-one well balanced out the Lcd-XC falls back again in closer online reddit line.

This may be just a synergy concern. All round a superior listen . JH Audio Angie Universal IEM – volume, split decrease crimson/blue. This is where the magic occurs for me. Actually, I never assume I’ve ever listened to this sort of lovely music copy before, transportable or in any other case.

Equivalent to what was claimed in the Head Fi MoJo thread with the JH Layla, the pairing with the scaled-down JH Siren Series Angie is extremely, quite very good . I do not know if it is really the crossover in the Angie, the several well balanced armature setup, the JH FreqPhase tech or simply just the synergy with the Mojo. I could listen to this setup for several hours (and I have). There are situations I’ve needed to give my head a shake and just go to bed. One particular additional keep track of, one much more track.

The audio is entire but textured, lush nevertheless layered, obvious but impactful, specific but clean.

I love it! An outstanding hear . MoJo as a Desktop DAC. Mojo has no issue filling even larger footwear. Given the Mojo’s clean DAC and thorough output it can conveniently be applied as an exterior DAC to feed an exterior amplifier. I utilized the Mojo with the Oppo HA-1’s amplifier segment with terrific achievement. The presentation is really in-depth whilst not chilly. Every single instrument is perfectly outlined and there is no perception of sibilance or glare that I sometimes hear with the Sabre ESS9018 DAC built in to the HA-one. The recurring concept is transparency, timing precision, even though at the very same time remaining musical.

This concept carries on when used as an external DAC in a desktop setup. Comparing the Audio-GD DAC-19(tenth anv) R-2R DAC and the Mojo there is the identical total of depth from every unit but it is offered in a unique way. The Mojo sounds much more ahead. Track record sounds are a bit less difficult to decide out, more in focus. The DAC-19 has a perception of a more substantial stage, far more room and depth in the recording and a bit much more timbre * .

Having said that the variations aren’t as large as I assumed they might be. I wouldn’t say the Mojo is flat, nor would I say the DAC-19 is holographic. Neither is really hotter or colder than the other. It genuinely arrives down to a distinct presentation among the two, but they are shut.

General the Mojo plays louder to the external amp offered its 3V fastened degree output. In the end I can quickly recommend the Mojo as a desktop DAC. rn* Edit 03/13/2016: About the previous couple months I have come to genuinely take pleasure in the Mojo much more for it really is natural music presentation and find that the timbre of notes is more precise on the Mojo than the DAC-19.