New Project In the Making

I am so thrilled at the new project that is currently underway with Chapel Valley Studio. Tracks have been laid and I will be going into the studio on Sept. 5th and 6th to lay vocals on this awesome project.

I have been with Chapel Valley for over six years and this is my sixth project and I have two live DVD’s with them. I will say they are the best record company, with the best in studio musicians and producer anywhere.

This project is proof. Each one has accomplished exactly what I have hoped for. This project is no exception, it is better than any of the previous projects I have ever recorded. The songs and songwriters are phenomenal and the best quality of recording I could ever been blessed with.

I am excited to introduce this project “Those Crazy Christians,” which will debut Dec. 1, 2013. Isn’t is exciting to know we all that we can be “Those Crazy Christians?”